Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's the weekend!

Today began like all my other weekends - sleep in followed by BodyJam with M. BodyJam was lots of fun today, as we have already learnt the moves so we can just get on with dancing. Today we stopped by Ruby for breakfast - the egg and bacon muffin looks great.

N and I put the ikea shelves together today. The look quite good (for ikea furniture!) except that through all of the assembling, N and I had different thoughts on where the shelf would go! Anyway, that's sorted so all that is left to do is fill the shelves!

Finally, N decided that it was a great day and we should spend it at St Kilda. There were a few others out and about so it was quite good down there. We stopped by Hunter Gather, Readings and a few other shops before strolling on to the tapas bar for an early dinner. How disappointed we were to find it bursting at the seams! Never fear, we headed to Big Mouth and started our own tapas bar. N was in charge of the drinks, a citrus cocktail for me (yum) and I ordered the food. We had chorizo, paprika fries, Turkish bread with homemade dip, calamari and saganaki. It was so good I have include pictures from both sides of the table!

Quick dog update - both doing well. Toby is a bit of a bossy boots and we need to careful supervise meals times, otherwise Elvis will end up looking like a bag of bones!

Second semi in the AFL tonight - Go Doggies (No, I am not selling out on the Cats, I am simply supporting the last remaining Victorian team which happens to came for west of this great city of Melbourne!)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Nerd Fest 2006

Last night was dinner at R and M's place which was so much fun. I have to admit that it did turn into Nerd Fest 2006 with M and I discussing bootie patterns and yarn, and later in the evening R demonstrating his home media centre including 2 computers, 2 x-boxes, a giant 'switch', digital set top box and universal remote, the entire system including more than 700 gig of memory. This sent N and I quickly to adding up the total gig in our place, and we fell way short. For those interested, it is somewhere in the order of 120 gig, including 2 ipods on which the memory is useless when it comes to videos etc.

Anyway, apart from Nerd Fest, M and I enjoyed some sparkling, and we all devoured wonderful Indian food from around the corner. The onion bhajis were so good, they have been dubbed 'KFC for vegetarians'! The evening finished with Heaven ice cream and the bar certainly has been set for N and I to host a great meal.

Well, no knitting progress as R has inspired my to set up my own nerd centre, so all my free time today has been swallowed by net surfing for set-ups and prices. Gotta love Static Ice!

So rounding out my day was so much needed housework and a visit to N2 and J2 this afternoon. As always, little O was a gem!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Progressing nicely...

Well, due to no dog walking, I managed to put two balls of Inca into my new jacket. The pattern is progressing nicely, even if I did have to wrestle it from Toby's jaw. So much for the dogs being a little off color yesterday after their shots, they were as perky as ever - it was me who was off color!!

Good news! I am making my doco debut in the Bollywood Dance Off Story to be screened before an audience of 10 billion people. Unfortunately no Aussies - unless they are living/traveling in Asia at the time. I need to dig out my very best Indian clothes and stack on the jewelry for the shoot. I can't wait. It's on Monday and I'll let you know how it goes!

The dogs are growing at an alarming rate and I will post more pictures soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Well, I can report that yesterday's attempt of allowing young R2 to see the ducks, play on the playground and take Toby and Elvis to the vet was a success. R2 was very well behaved - many compliments from the Vet- as were the dogs.

Must report that Toby was much braver than Elvis - Toby took his shot like a man, while Elvis squealled terribly. N was disappointed to hear that 'his' dog was not the bravest! Good news is that there will be no more shots for about 12 months. Bad news, desesxing just before Christmas. Sorry guys, but it has to be done.

No formal exercise yesterday (I missed M2 so much, we did email though!) but pushing R2 up the hill whlst controlling two dogs seemed to be enough. Walking the dogs is off the menu for a couple of days, Vet's orders.

Finally, on to knitting. No scarf progess, but I have until November. Inca jumper has been restarted, due to my counting error. As N pointed out, no one would have noticed, but in my usual style, I want it to be perfect!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dance Fest!

No post yesterday due to extreme exhaustion! I did the BodyJam express class at 5:45 with M, and then we headed off to Bollywood Dancing at 7:30. New news, I have signed up for some doco - well, I will be doing the Bollywood class while the doco people are there. The good news is that it won't be shown in Australia, only to 10 billion people in Asia. At least I get a copy. More details to follow!

Today I am attempting the challenge of walking two year old R2, Toby and Elvis to the ducks. I am allowing twice the time so it should be ok. Today is Vet day, and the puppies get their shots. Hopefully they won't be too sooky to walk home.

On the knitting front, I have began a Jacket Wrap in Inca. It's from the Paton's Inca book and is classified as an easy knit. I'll let you know...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free running!

Well, the weekend is almost over and I am watching the last game of AFL for the weekend. I have spent the day waiting for my new desk to be delivered, but to no avail. Hopefully it will be here soon.

I started my Sunday by walking Toby and Elvis. N helped out and we were soon on our way to the ovals near the creek. For the first time we let Toby and Elvis off the lead and they were surprisingly well behaved. They followed us around the oval and responded to all of our calls. I think this may be a way to avoid two walks a day, as the dogs were exhausted when we got home.

Oh, good news. I have received a reply from Julie, who I am knitting for in the ISE. It's so much fun getting all these emails. I put about 2 hours into the scarf today, but have decided that it doesn't quite look right so I will start again. Oh well!


Well, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as it turned out o be quite busy. First up was a walk with Elvis and Toby down to the creek. We met Lucy the corgi who was much better behaved than most dogs down there.

The walk was followed by BodyJam. The first half of which was very good, as we consolidated on last week's routine. However, the second half was a completely different story! M2 and I laughed most of the way through as we tried to get our arms and legs moving in unison! After, we stopped for coffee with R, and I'm pleased to say that R has made the BIG decision, so we had lots to discuss. Also discovered that M2 is a knitter, so I will pass some of my patterns to her.

A spot of shopping, and N and I were off to N2 and J's for dinner. Dinner was wonderful, and a good night had by all. The highlight was J2 copying my Bollywood and Disco moves! He will be a star!!