Friday, October 13, 2006

It won't happen overnight, but it did happen overnight!

Yes, the two things we call pups are quickly turning into dogs. Overnight Elvis has changed in appearance - he no longer has the cute puppy face, but is now growing a fully-fledged beard (as all good schnauzers should have!). Also, the two have taken to swimming in the creek on our daily walk. It started yesterday, with Toby getting his feet wet and Elvis lying in the flowing water and was complete today when toby dog paddled about, closely followed by Elvis.

The two dogs have also graduated to off lead walking on the path that runs through Ashburton. I do have to put them back on the lead as we head into Glen Iris - the sign says so - but also because if I don't they will both jump in the creek much before I wan them to. Elvis was even dog paddling in the drink bowl in Ferndale Park.

Tonight N and I shared a great dinner at Chocolate Buddha at Fed Square followed by dessert at Mecca on Southbank. It was a fun night out, complete with a visit from Maddie, the three minute angel.

N is off to work tomorrow, so I am going to tidy up some chores and hopefully we can take young Toby and Elvis to the beach on Sunday! It should be fun!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fifteen reasons to be nervous...

After somewhat miraculously obtaining a booking for four in Jamie Oliver's FIFTEEN resturaunt in October, I have cause to feel just a little nervous. Breaking news on page nine of the Herald Sun reports that Fifteen kicked out food reviewer Stephen Downes.

This in it self is not cause for concern (Downes has been banned from a number of Melbourne resturants for his overly critical reviews), but Hughsey shouted the Nova team to lunch yesterday and complained of the excessive prices and small meals.

I guess there is potential for our experience to be top notch, as we have having a six course tasting menu, while Hughsey and the gang all selected from an a la carte menu. He did point out that the whole deal set him back $350 for five people for lunch. We have been quoted a set price, but after Hughsey's info, you can bet that will grow quickly with the addition of drinks.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Desperately seeking sleep...

Ok, I admit that I have been blog-lazy lately. But seeing my sister's Massive Page Update, I have been inspired. I have been so inspired that I have even updated the Book Review. PS, Blogger has a nasty little secret which I only discovered yesterday. As a paranoid blogger, I moderate the comments on my pages. But, when these are emailed to me and I attempt to post them using my Mac, suddenly the comments are lost! But yesterday I was lucky enough to have a few moments on Dad's PC and posted all off the comments regarding my posts. I will have to visit Dad more often!

First things first, yes I am sleep deprived as the naughty little puppies seem to be turning into night owls. Last night was by far the worst with Toby being banished to the laundry and Elvis remaining outside. So, first thing this morning, the three of us headed out for a 4k jog. Elvis cracked it a couple of times, but other than that we survived. I am off to school tonight, so N has promised a similar treatment at 6pm!

What else has been going on? Hmm, let's see. Got my uni application in, and has been confirmed by post. Now all I have to do is wait for an interview. Managed to find Dad his latest text book for a great price - just call me the broker! Bollywood lesson have been filmed for David and Kim's 9am on channel 10. Entertained to the max last Thursday - left everyone very tired on Friday! Booked awesome trip to New Zealand - I have done my bit by securing tickets, N now has to schedule bungy jumping for me - oh and jet boat riding!

Ok, I think that I have updated you all sufficiently. But wait, most important of all - the scarf exchange. I have been informed that mine is on the way. I have almost finished and will have it in the post by Friday! I did most of my knitting in the Grampians before an audience including a wallaby, echnida, kookaburra and a host of tiny little birds with blue hoods. Sorry, I am not much of a bird watcher!