Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ok - I guess I need to update you on the last few days.

Pretty slow day - we started with some gardening and I met S for lunch. I took Toby and Elvis with me - see above! Both the puppies were well behaved and sat nicely under the table while we had lunch.

N and I spent the afternoon making pasta for Mum, Dad and E who were coming over for dinner. We couldn't let Toby inside because he just got too excited!!!

Exciting news, the Bollywood story was filmed today. I think that all you will see are my feet! (I wish I had taken the time to put nail polish on!!) It was a pretty intense two hours of dancing. Toby, Elvis and I went walking and bumped into P who happened to be driving past - it was good to catch up.

The afternoon I spent with N, J and O. Little J was so funny - he was quite keen on the pups when he was inside and they were out. But once outside, all he wanted to do was to stand in the fenced off area of the yard. Smart kid!

As if I didn't have enough dancing in the morning, I BodyJammed in the evening followed by more Bollywood dancing. I even had enough energy to add a few rows to my new jacket!

Golf Day!

It was a beautiful day yesterday - 30 degrees in September! R and I hit the golf course for some much need practice. I was ok considering I haven't touched clubs for about a year.

N and I took the dogs down to the park with the soccer ball. Not only did we have a great time, it tired the dogs out completely! We had a delicious dinner of tuna steak, mushrooms and asparagus, before I finished off one bootie for A whose baby boy is due in a couple of weeks.