Friday, September 08, 2006

Rain delay

Well, here it is, p.m. on Friday and I didn't get a chance to fit in a second doggie walk because it's raining now. Therefore, although I have plenty of time for knitting, Toby and Elvis are going nuts right now so little knitting is getting done.

Spent the afternoon playing with two and half year old J2 and chatting with N2. Even though I was there for hours, I bet we still have heaps to talk about over dinner tomorrow night - especially if J2 has any thing to do with it.

Must sign off for today, tomorrow is BodyJam and I can't wait!

Just beginning...

Well, the scarf is now a massive 5 centimetres long (2 inches for those of you in the States!). I managed to add several rows last night after Toby and Elvis were fast alseep. I now know that if I want to get anywhere with my knitting, I have to dedicate enough time for two walk with the dogs.

My friend B visited yesterday, it was good to catch up. We are going to have a craft afternoon on Monday - after a trip to the local craft store (yea!) - B is considering knitting, but may just stick to her cross-stitch.

Have already managed the first walk of the day, so it should be a good knitting night!

P.S. I got a second message from my secret knitter! It's so exciting!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


So, here I am. About to knit a scarf for a complete stranger. Yes, I joined the International Scarf Exchange 3 after and my sister, Meg, intorduced me to the joys of knitting blogs.

I will post pictures of the scarf when it has grown enough to photgraph. That sounds easier that it actually is. That's because I have two new puppies dogs, both only 11 weeks old. Toby is a spoodle (cocker spaniel/poodle) and Elvis is a schnauzer.

I have already been contacted by my secret knitter, and he/she sounds delightful! All I know is that my secret pal is from Southern USA.