Monday, February 19, 2007


Yes, I started this on Monday, but didn't get around to finishing it because I wanted to post photographs of all the beautiful present I received. This was delayed due to my wearing of said presents, and also school which requires this little thing called 'homework'!

Pretend it's Monday....

I had the best birthday ever yesterday! Well, really it started on Saturday when my brother and his girlfriend came to visit. We had a bbq and they gave me some DVDs. It was great to catch up on how they are going with work, their pets and stuff in general. I'm proud of Mel who survived the tunnel, despite her fear - she was sleeping both ways!

Then yesterday I got a cool, green iPod nano from Nick, together with the Nike+ kit so I can get back to running, tickets to Viraki and a new t-shirt. We spent the morning walking the dogs - it was great to finally have a breeze after our recent hot spell!

My sister called and we had a good chat. She is promising to sign me up for a subscription to Yarn magazine, which I haven't got around to doing yet.

My Mum, Dad and Nan came over for lunch, bringing more great gifts (a mini maglite, more reading material and chocolates). Nick bbq'd again and we had a wonderful lunch in airconditioned comfort! We ate cheese and cheesecake and it was so relaxing! Nicole dropped by with another t-shirt and stationery for school.

But, the real surprise was yet to come. Nick took me out to dinner, where we were met by Randall and Mich who were in on it all along! We filled ourselves with Greek food, and there was a surprise cake. I felt so special! R + M had also got me some cool iPod accessories so I was also set to go running this morning.

Normally I am sad when my birthday is over, but not this time! I felt the best I had in ages yesterday. There is heaps to look forward to with school and all that running with the new techno gear.

Nick is soooo sweet. Here is a picture of the back of the iPod. The message is a reference to Veronica Mars, my favourite TV show. Fans will know that I mean!


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