Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to Normal

The long weekends are over, I am healthy again, everything is back to normal.

Toby and Elvis were walked in the (little) rain there was this morning which turned out just great for them. The rain kept everyone else off the trail and allowed Toby and Elvis to walk most of the way lead free. A big treat for them. They were well behaved, especially Toby who has a tendency to want to be the boss! I'm sure they would be ok walking off the lead with normal trail traffic, but I would hate for them to scare a small child, or get tangled in the wheels of one of the exceptionally fast moving bicycles.

I caught up with Anna this afternoon, it was good to get out of the house and just generally run over what has been happening in her life over the last few days as my own has been very boring. We stopped for coffee at the Bookshop Cafe, where the cappacino foam is as dense as ice cream and peaked like mountains - yummy! The also have a great selection of danishes!

Other exciting news is that the pink jacket is back. The lovely BF gave me a great pink, zip up top a couple of Christmases ago and it has been missing for well over a year (I reckon). When searching for my visor this morning, I checked the golf bag. no visor, but there was the pink jacket. I have turned the house upside down on at least four separate occasions looking for this, and embarrassingly have played golf between losing it and finding it! I was so excited I called in the BF to check it out before removing in. He later commented that the excitement in my voice lead him to believe that he was about to witness a once in a lifetime event, rather than just seeing my crumpled jacket in the bottom of the golf bag. I told him that he should be happy that I love a present he gave me so much!

The beloved pink jacket is back!!

I know, you're all saying what's so special about this. Well, I guess nothing. Except when you are running out the door and you think, I'll just grab my pink jacket and you can't find it!!