Friday, December 15, 2006

MagNation Knitting

Yes, that's Elvis peering in through the window!

Well Mich and I headed off to MagNation Knitting last night. It was a fancy affair with wine and sushi being served (I can't believe people preferred coffee!), not to mention packed with knitters. Mich and I felt a little out of sorts as everyone seemed to know everyone already, but we persisted. Best of all, on the purchase of the lastest Yarn Magazine we got a freeie of enough Paton's Jet yarn and needles to make ourselves a tea cosy!

I can report that our Christmas tree has taken pride of place in our lounge room, complete with presents. Who would have thought that the BF would be so picky about decorating it! He only wanted one color of tinsel and seemed to have set ideas where things should go! Anyway, it looks great for a Coles special. PS we decided this year to go with the plastic fantastic due to the lack of water in Melbourne this year. I am pleased to announce that I managed to get one without 'fake' spruce smell, which reminded me of way too much aftershave and made me feel sick!

Well, just a week left of work for everyone before Christmas with Christmas parties a plenty. In case I don't blog again before Christmas may you all have a very Merry, Safe and Happy Christmas.