Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Line of Communication Open Again?

Well, now that Mum and Dad have returned from sunny Sydney, my sister might have time to 1)Call me and 2)Update her blog. I have been left completely in the dark for the entire week!!

Luckily Mum filled me in on some stuff at Nan's 70th brithday bash (well more of a gathering really!) Seems that Meg and Craig are doing just fine and the little Pierre is as cute as ever. The weather was good, zoo was fun and Dad even remembered to carry his mobile phone at all times!

In the meantime, I have visited the Veg Nirvana Cafe for dinner and will have E's company for another few days. We have a few things planned like seeing more of the city, stopping for yum cha, and maybe another hot choc stop in Cambers.

PS dog update - Max has returned home (all more settled), Elvis is still sooking - this time about getting brushed and Toby is causing more trouble than ever in the garden!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend nearly over...

Well, it's been an action packed few days. Little Max and E have come to stay while Mum and Dad holiday with M. I have visited the museum, Healesville Sanctuary, shopped for some awesome bargains and nearly got blown away at the St Kilda Markets.

Finally today the rain has clearly so that we could take Toby and Elvis down to the park and kick the soccer ball around. The love it down there, even though today there were a little naughty. They have discovered a particular area of the park and continually bolt over there. We also discovered they like children, as when the kids turned up, the dogs took off!

Max is not as friendly as Elvis and Toby had hoped. In his defense, he has been a pampered pouch, living alone and inside. We are taking it in turns to be inside.

Have done little knitting, but have managed to finish another book and update my blog. Have also managed to get my powerbook operating as a TV, and managed to find an electronic program guide which works really well. Thanks Hague. I will shortly be purchasing the rest of my media centre!

I promise to knit more tonight and I babysit J and R - that is if my new book doesn't get in the way!