Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Losers all round

Well the grand finals have been run and won - or so to speak. I was on the Sydney bandwagon - I even took E to the grand final parade in the city. How unfortunate that they should go down by a lone point!! I am the first to admit that I don't follow rugby league, but I would have preferred Melbourne over the Broncos, however it was not to be! What was a winner was our grand final bbq! It was a great day, ended up being a close match and N bbqed perfectly! Thanks to all who provided salads etc.

Sunday was a quieter day - I slept in before delivering E home safely. I also fixed up Dad's new computer, but will have to put the finishing touches on it tomorrow. I forgot to hook up his email - thank goodness he is not an email junkie like me or he would have noticed by now.

Knitting progress = slow, but I had better get going. I have been kind enough (if I do say so myself) to forward a postcard to my knitee. Also, I received an email from my ISE partner and things are going nicely.

Toby and Elvis update - they are now officially outside dogs. The first night was purely because they refused to come in at 11pm when I was dead tired and so now they have made their bed and can lie in it - all night long. Last night there was a bit of barking form Toby, hopefully that will calm down tonight.

Anything else to report? Ah yes, Nan's 70th birthday was enjoyed by all - especially Nan! A new shipment of second hand books arrived today, so keep an eye on my book reviews as it includes some of my high school favorites. Also, I finally submitted my application for the writing course. I will spend tomorrow night being filmed for David and Kim , so watch out for Christi's segment next week!