Thursday, January 04, 2007

More posts than you can handle!

Yep, I'm back again - still sick, although pain killers are doing a wonderful job of making me almost human. I thought that I was getting better yesterday, but by 6pm when the pain killers had worn off, I realised that I was only marginally better. Oh well, at least my Mum and Sis kept me company yesterday.

While I had visitors, I finished off the bejewelled scarf which everyone (who has seen it so far) says is great. Why don't you be the judge?

It's 50% wool and 50% alpaca and i think I previously mentioned that it's from the back room of the Bendigo Woolen Mills. I love the colour and all in all a good purchase me thinks!

We also at the BF's special recipe egg'n'bacon pie for lunch - yummy. Followed this up with leftover Christmas chockies and sipped tea. When I was pain-free enough, we went on a little yarn store cruise, only to discover Marta's Yarn Store is closed indefinitely. I wonder if the same is true for the city store? Sis mentioned something about Marta being unwell, and if that's the case I hope all is better soon.

We then stopped at The Button Store on the way home where Sis decided to knit Dilby and Dilby's little bro the loopy hat. She picked up a couple of balls of loopy, and I handed over my almost complete ball of loopy leftovers for the job. Sis also managed to get herself some prized ladybird button for her Dale of Norway project, which I'm sure you can read about on her blog.

After everyone went home, and I had myself a nap, I began my crossover top which I have day the yarn for forever - well June actually.

I am knitting with Zhivago, which isn't all that nice to knit with but it does knit up well. Since I'm not enjoying knitting in that much, I have decided to empty one ball per day into the top. That should do it.

So after that - yep I was still on pain killers - I began Amanda's Shawl from Yarn Magazine. I am making it out of Anny Blatt's Fine Kid. Technically, this is left over from making a scarf, except that I have a ball and a half left!

At the moment it looks a little like a spider that's been petrified by bug killer. Or in the BF's case, Exit Mould, but that's a story for another day. In any event, it won't be growing until I purchase myself some circular needles!


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Your bejeweled looks lovely! Great job!


Thursday, January 04, 2007 1:06:00 PM  

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