Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blogger Back

Yes, I am the first to admit that I have been an exceptionally lazy blogger of late. Not that I will bore you with the amazing amount of stuff goin' on, except for my little New Zealand jaunt! That's right, I got so fed up with life in Oz that I just took off for a bit of R&R.

Well, the south island of NZ is just fantastic. There are photo ops around every corner. Just to name a little of what I did (photos coming I promise) I will start with heli hiking the Fox Glacier, walking a track in the Mount Aspiring National Park for a birds' eye view of the Rob Roy Glacier, checking out Milford Sound (and the incredible drive there including the Homer Tunnel!), jet boating the Shotover Canyon and Paragliding over Queenstown.

Here's me (with Pius the Pilot) over Queenstown.

So now that I am home it's time to gear up for Christmas. I was cleaver and began writing my cards before I went away, so now all I have to do is drop them in the post. I think that I have my shopping sorted, well by that I mean I know what I am getting, I just need to go and do it. Oh, and mum and I are going to sort out what food we will prepare, but I should have that under control as well. All that's left for me to do is hang the lights and get a tree!

Dog update - after spending the past few weeks at Bro's (really with Mum and Dad doing all the hard work for me) the little pups have come of age and are currently at the vets. I bet BF and I pick up two very sorry little doggies tonight! Other than that we are pleased to announce that Elvis has outgrown his baby collar and has moved onto a big dog collar!

Ok, after a blogging drought, I think that I am finally up to speed. I will attempt to check in with you again this week!